Mauve Boutique is Launching! E

As a fashionista my ultimate goal is to become a fashion stylist. Fashion is my passion and making people feel confident when walking out the door is my purpose. I’ve been styling my friends since before I can remember. Recently, in February I directed and created my very first photoshoot as a fashion stylist with the help of makeup artist Tahira Devine and photographer Elan Holt. I will leave pictures below of some of the final products. 

Although producing these photos created an high stress environment; I felt like I was doing what I was born to do. I finally had enough courage to put myself out there as a fashion stylist on both micro and macro levels. Meaning, I wanted to style on an individual level and I wanted to style the culture as a whole. In order to do this I created an online boutique named Mauve Boutique. After endless nights of research and production I was finally able to introduce my passion to the world- Mauve Boutique. Some of you maybe wondering why I decided to name my store Mauve Boutique but actually it’s quite simple. I love the color Mauve and I believe it represents high fashion and sexy all in one which describes me to the core. Not to mention Mauve looks AMAZING on brown skin girls and I am here for it!! I reached out to Victoriah Designs at to bring my vision to life with my amazing logo. 

I will be having a launch party to Mauve Boutique on August 12th, 2017 in Philadelphia. You can come celebrate the opening of my boutique, shop and sip with me. I would love for you all to come out and celebrate Mauve Boutiques birthday with me! You can RSVP here But in the meantime I will leave you with some pictures of one of my pieces “Wild Rose Romper” comment your thoughts below.