Lacy Sweatshirt 

Hey babes, welcome back to Stylesbyketa! As some of you may know, I am the owner and creator of Mauve Boutique( Instagram: ).  If you would like to read all about why I started the boutique you can read my blog post here Mauve Boutique is Launching!  – Keta Greggs . My favorite part about being a boutique owner is that I have an impact on trends and what is demmed fashionable! Right now I’m totally into layers and being comfortable. When I saw the Lacy Sweatshirt I just knew all my Mauve Babes had to have it. Oversized sweatshirts are already trending but this piece also adds a velvet and lace detailing at the bottom. It can be worn as a dress or with a pair of jeans. It’s stylish, uber comfortable and the material is out of this world. Here’s how I styled my Lacy Sweatshirt. A faux fur colbolt blue coat. I purchased the coat at but it is completely sold out! I also wore a pair of black thigh high boots! Here are some photos(taken by Elan Holt)  of the complete look: 

Comment below your thoughts on the Sweatshirt! You also have the opportunity to slay in you Lacy Sweatshirt by using code LACY25 to purchase yours for just $25!! Click here to purchase your hoodie !! This sweatshirt will sell out! 

Xoxo Keta


Mauve Boutique is Launching! E

As a fashionista my ultimate goal is to become a fashion stylist. Fashion is my passion and making people feel confident when walking out the door is my purpose. I’ve been styling my friends since before I can remember. Recently, in February I directed and created my very first photoshoot as a fashion stylist with the help of makeup artist Tahira Devine and photographer Elan Holt. I will leave pictures below of some of the final products. 

Although producing these photos created an high stress environment; I felt like I was doing what I was born to do. I finally had enough courage to put myself out there as a fashion stylist on both micro and macro levels. Meaning, I wanted to style on an individual level and I wanted to style the culture as a whole. In order to do this I created an online boutique named Mauve Boutique. After endless nights of research and production I was finally able to introduce my passion to the world- Mauve Boutique. Some of you maybe wondering why I decided to name my store Mauve Boutique but actually it’s quite simple. I love the color Mauve and I believe it represents high fashion and sexy all in one which describes me to the core. Not to mention Mauve looks AMAZING on brown skin girls and I am here for it!! I reached out to Victoriah Designs at to bring my vision to life with my amazing logo. 

I will be having a launch party to Mauve Boutique on August 12th, 2017 in Philadelphia. You can come celebrate the opening of my boutique, shop and sip with me. I would love for you all to come out and celebrate Mauve Boutiques birthday with me! You can RSVP here But in the meantime I will leave you with some pictures of one of my pieces “Wild Rose Romper” comment your thoughts below. 


The Trenches

Hey Babes! When the weather breaks, the trenches come out! Your outerwear is the focal point of any outfit during the colder months. I love trench coats because they add so much style and class to any look.

This lookbook is the launch of my styling career as I am trying to show off my own personal style. I am excited to announce that I am taking several styling classes and starting to take my passions seriously. I will be perusing a career as a fashion stylist. Styling is something I’ve always been interested in but I was constantly concerned with receiving my degree and securing a “promising” career. Now that I’ve been in the real world for about two years, I now understand the importance of being as happy with my work environment as I am with my income. 

So here are the looks I came up with using trench coats. Every coat seen in this lookbook was picked out from my local thrift store. Comment below your favorite look! And remember to follow your dreams! 

All photos were taken by Elan Holt. 

YOOTD- 90’s Vintage Jacket 

Hey Babes! This summer an old friend invited me to their 25th birthday skating party, but not just any skating party, it was 90’s themed. I was super excited to find an outfit, so I started searching 90’s jackets. We all know that 90’s fashion was ALL about the jacket. Finally, I found a vintage Snap On jacket from it was perfect! But there was only one problem- the seller lived all the way in Canada. Nothing an express shipping option can’t fix…right? No! I expressed shipped the jacket and it still did not make it to me in time. Although the jacket was vintage, I could not let it go to waste. So here we are! I decided to do a Lookbook with this dope jacket and here’s what I came up with. As always outfit details will be listed below and thanks for reading! 

Jacket- Etsy

Leggings- Fashion Nova 

Swim Suit- Shop Fly Nation 

Shoes- Charlotte Russe

 Stay Blessed, Stay Beautiful 


Too Dark to Contour? 

Hey Babes! 

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fathers Day weekend! Now let’s talk makeup! As an African American woman it is hard to find a variety of makeup products in my deep skin tone. The struggle to find the perfect foundation color is very real. Options are slim; they’re even slimmer when it comes to contour. For those of you who don’t know, contour is a makeup technique used to define or enhance the facial structure of ones face. For example, one would contour their cheekbones to give their cheeks an illusion of a more defined face- if done correctly your cheekbones should appear higher. It’s like magic! In order to contour, you should use a foundation or concealer two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Now because I already have a deep skin tone it is almost impossible to find a product to contour with- that’s two shades darker than I am. But have no fear AJ Crimson is here!! 

Aj Crimson has a new line of makeup that caters to women of color. I purchased the Highlight + Contour compact in the color Dark Shade (5/8). Not only is the color AMAZEBALLS but the quality is top notch as well. His luxurious line of makeup is the preferred cosmetic brand by many celebrities such as Angela Bassett and Brandy. 

Below is a few pictures of the compact

Next you’ll see the technique I used to apply the highlight and contour

And here’s how my face look after I blended everything in

Let’s not forget about them baby hairs and lip stick! 

I absolutely love the pigmentation and consistency of this highlighter and contour dual compact. If you have a similar complexion; you’ll love it as well. AJ Crimson has something for everyone! If you want to see all of his products here is the link to his site

Until next time Babes! 


Day Party OOTD

Hey Babes!

 It’s been five months since I posted my last blog “Winter Lookbook” and I couldn’t be more excited to be back! There has been a lot of changes in the past few months but I am here stay.

Now that summer is here it’s all about the BBQ’s and rooftop day parties- I live for a good day party! Me and my girls took a trip to NYC this past weekend to indulge in the day party festivities. We went to The Attic Rooftop in Manhattan. 

I wanted to wear something comfortable but still fly.This is what I came up with- a gorgeous black cut out maxi from I paired the “Charlie” maxi dress with a simple pair of black pumps and bag to match! 

Pictures are below

What did you think of this outfit? Comment below your perfect day party or BBQ style. 

Winter Lookbook 2016

Hey Babes! A couple weeks ago I collaborated with an old friend, Trent, to put together this lookbook. Not only did he shoot the lookbook; he edited it as well. I am uber satisfied with the results! You can also find Trent’s work on his website which stands for Give Love Our People. 

Here are the three looks I came up with, hopefully I have inspired you to try some of these looks! If so comment below or tag me on Instagram @naturally__dope.









 To see the video version of this lookbook click here Here are all the details to all three looks, comment below your favorite look! Until next time. Stay Chic and Forever Excellent! 


Look One

Top: H&M

Jeans: Temptations( Boutique in Philadelphia on 4th and South)

Faux Fur Coat: Forever 21

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Choker: Claire’s 

Glasses: Cazal’s 

Look Two
Trench Coat:

Top: H&M


Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Look Three


Faux Fur Trench:

Shoes: Easy Pickins

A Blog about a Blog 

Hey Babes! 

I just wanted to stop by and give you some updates of what’s been going on with me!

 For starters, I finally made my first YouTube video. I’ve been talking about creating a channel for over a year now and it’s finally here! Editing was a long and drawn out process, but the feedback I’ve been receiving makes it all worth it. Here’s the link to my channel, if you want to see it for yourself

Secondly, I was featured in a blog post! When the creator of Vain Culture, James Gadsden, reached out to me- it caught me by surprise. I realized that, while some may not comment or like every post about my blog or organization, it doesn’t mean that they are not taking note in my growth and supporting my work. I was completely honored. Although I didn’t start Chic Excellence and create Babes and Brunch for recognition- I am so proud that people are acknowledging all the hard work that I am putting into my passion. 

Gadsden did such a great job writing the post(no I am not just saying that because it’s about me). I was really impressed that he didn’t interview me; he did his own research and was very knowledgeable about my brands. If you would like to check out the blog, here’s the link. You can also check out other blog post that Gadsden has produced. 

As always thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for some new posts! And remember to keep working hard- you never know who’s watching! I’m proof!   


Who Wore it Better- Couples Edition 

Hey Babes! 

My boyfriend recently turned 25 and we celebrated by attending the Comedy Festival in Atlantic City- it was hilarious! Here’s a little background on what we wore to the show.
One must have essential piece this fall is the bomber jacket. It adds edge and a 90’s feel to any outfit! So I just had to get my hands on two- one for me and one for the birthday boy. I purchased both of our bombers from Boohoo. Same jacket, same color with different styles. So here’s the real question: who wore it better? Comment below.

Hat- Brixton

Top- Urban Outfitters 

Jeans- Asos

Sneakers- Urban Outfitters 

Bomber- Boohoo 


 Bralette- Charlotte Russe

Skirt- Joyce Leslie 

Shoes- Call it Spring 

Bomber- Boohoo 


Same Wig-New Look

Hey Babes! You might remember the Sensationnel French Wave wig that was featured in a previous blog “Divatress Wig Try On”. If you haven’t read it, make sure you go check it out. I decided to spice this unit up a bit by giving it a whole new curl and look! This is also a great technique to use when your unit is getting old and needs to be refreshed. So if you’re interested on how I took this unit from this 

  to this  

 then keep reading!
First, make sure that the unit is brushed out thoroughly. Next, I put the entire unit in perm rods using the smaller ones in the back and the medium size rods in the front.  



 When putting the perm rods in make sure you are twisting as you’re putting the hair around the rod. Also condition the ends of the hair to reduce any chances of frizz- I used Shea Butter. Next, boil some water and carefully place the unit in the boiling water. My hair is synthetic so I only left the hair in the water for about one minute. If the hair is human; you would leave it in the boiling water for about two hours. Towel dry the hair and let it set overnight or until the hair is completely dry, then remove the rods.  




 This method is very similar to doing crochet braids. 

To style the hair, I separated each curl into about 3-4 curls and I cut the hair to fit my face. 

To give this look even more edge I paired it with a black lippie using gel eyeliner from Black Radiance. Because the lip is so bold I kept the rest of my make as simple as possible. Are you feeling this lip color?  








 Now that we have a new unit, what do you think her new and improved name should be? I hope you all enjoyed this look. Until next time- Stay Chic!