Endo What?!

Hey Babes! Today’s post will be a little different than usual as it is not beauty related at all. So one of my guilty pleasures is to watch “Ratchet Mondays” aka all the reality shows that air on Monday nights on VH1. I watch these shows faithfully and usually there is nothing positive to take from Love and Hip Hop but tonight was different. If you do not indulged in “Ratchet Mondays” like myself, last week’s “Love & Hip Hop” revealed that rap star Remy Ma finally was going to give her husband Papoose the baby that he’s been asking for. Not only did the couple have an Ectopic pregnancy but doctors also explained to Remy that she would no longer be able to give birth naturally. While Remy did not explain why she is unable to have children, this episode definitely hit home for me.


For the first half of 2016, I was going insane on Web MD trying to figure out what was causing symptoms that I was having, such as extremely bad pelvic pain. I was determined to find out what was wrong with me. It got so bad that my family started calling me a hypochondriac and saying I was paranoid . In April, I went to get an ultrasound and discovered that I had two cysts, one 8cm and the other 6cm (which is humongous). I was later diagnosed with a disorder named endometriosis, where I too may have issues having a child. Endometriosis is basically a disorder that causes a lot of pain during your menstrual cycle (one time it was so bad that I had to stop driving until the pain went away). This disorder causes tissues that normally grows in your uterus to grow in other parts of a woman’s reproduction system, resulting in cysts. In August, I had surgery to get both of my cysts removed. Although I missed out on so many events and trips with my friends, I am happy to report that I am healthy today. 
I never imagined that I would be putting this story up on my blog. For starters, it is emotional and heartbreaking. My doctor did tell me that having children may be difficult but not impossible; however, it’s is still a big worry of mine. Secondly, the disorder makes me feel as if I cannot perform the main task that I was put on this earth to do -reproduce. Although this news is somewhat embarrassing, I decided to tell my story anyway, because watching “Love and Hip Hop” made me feel like I was not alone and confident enough to tell people my story. Hopefully, this blog can to help someone that is going through the same issue as myself or something similar. There were many other symptoms that I had that I choose not to share in the blog but if you have concerns feel free to email me. 

And finally, never ignore your intuition. If you feel that something is not right always always always go get checked out. Comment below and remember to stay classic and chic!