All About Crochet Faux Locs

Hey Babes,  Happy Friday Eve! 

I’ve been getting so many compliments and inquiries about my hair. I decided to answer all of your questions via blog.

I wanted faux locs for quite some time now and I finally got them. I was always hesitant to get this trendy style for 3 main reasons 1. They take a long time to install 2. It’s too much of a commitment( I like to change my hair too often) and 3. They’re a tad bit expensive. The method used to install my faux locs solved all three concerns I had- crochet!! Crochet is the best thing since lace closures. It’s takes no time to install, it’s a great protective style, and it’s much less expensive than the original faux locs. 

I purchased five packs of x2 Havana Mambo Faux Locs by Janet Collection in the color 1B. 

They were $14.99 a pack at my local beauty supply store. I absolutely love the quality of these faux locs, they look so realistic. They’re not too shiny but not dull either. Although I have 5 packs, they do not feel heavy at all. These Janet Collection Locs have very minimal frizz and unraveling. 

The Locs took about 3 hours to install with the braiding pattern taking 2/3 of the time. A college friend, Khaliah, installed my faux locs for me. She did a beautiful job and I will definitely be going back to get a touch up real soon. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and would like some bomb crochet braids at a very reasonable price contact her! I highly recommend her services. Here’s a link to access her Instagram page

I’ll leave you beauties with some pictures of my faux locs and different ways they can be styled. To achieve these looks you will need elastic hair ties, headbands and hair clips. 

I have a few everyday looks

I came up with a few edgy styles as well

Which style was your favorite? Comment below. 

Stay blessed, Stay Beautiful



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