Too Dark to Contour? 

Hey Babes! 

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fathers Day weekend! Now let’s talk makeup! As an African American woman it is hard to find a variety of makeup products in my deep skin tone. The struggle to find the perfect foundation color is very real. Options are slim; they’re even slimmer when it comes to contour. For those of you who don’t know, contour is a makeup technique used to define or enhance the facial structure of ones face. For example, one would contour their cheekbones to give their cheeks an illusion of a more defined face- if done correctly your cheekbones should appear higher. It’s like magic! In order to contour, you should use a foundation or concealer two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Now because I already have a deep skin tone it is almost impossible to find a product to contour with- that’s two shades darker than I am. But have no fear AJ Crimson is here!! 

Aj Crimson has a new line of makeup that caters to women of color. I purchased the Highlight + Contour compact in the color Dark Shade (5/8). Not only is the color AMAZEBALLS but the quality is top notch as well. His luxurious line of makeup is the preferred cosmetic brand by many celebrities such as Angela Bassett and Brandy. 

Below is a few pictures of the compact

Next you’ll see the technique I used to apply the highlight and contour

And here’s how my face look after I blended everything in

Let’s not forget about them baby hairs and lip stick! 

I absolutely love the pigmentation and consistency of this highlighter and contour dual compact. If you have a similar complexion; you’ll love it as well. AJ Crimson has something for everyone! If you want to see all of his products here is the link to his site

Until next time Babes! 



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